CGM : Punching Cutter Model P-01

CGM Technology : Punching Cutter Model P-01



  • Punching Cutter Model P-01


  • Plastimeter sample preparing machine used prepare sample for plasticity or viscosity testing of raw natural rubbers.


1. Diameter of Die Cutting 13 mm.
2. Die material SUS440C (Hardening)
3. Die Cutter support Plastic Superline (10x70x70mm.)
4. Stroke ( Die Cutter to Die cutter support) 13-20 mm.
5. Handle Steel Plate Chromium (310mm.)
6. Dimensions of main unit 105(W) x 260(D) x 240(H) mm.
7. Weight 6.5kg.
8. Reference standards ISO2007, ASTMD3194-99