Test set NDA VACU for the analysis of sieve residue

Part Number: NDA VACU-BASU - Intrastat/HTS: 9024 8019

Detail :


Test set NDA VACU for the analysis of sieve residue

Mechanical flushing method – Functional principle according to ASTM D 7724

       This test method covers the determination of non-dispersible matter after mechanical water flushing of carbon blacks (and other powder materials). The process provides information of the content of coarse impurities or constituents which are insoluble in water, such as ceramic constituents, metals or heavily compacted pigments. The principle and the related test method have been developed to determine the non-dispersible matter on a specific class of carbon blacks called Mechanical Rubber Grades (MRG). It delivers reproducible results even with the most difficult products.


Key features

• High-quality, reliable and durable technology
• Fully-automatic operating program
• Collecting tank 50 liters with integrated water pump (fully automatic)
• Handy sieves (diameter 105 mm)
• Simplest sieve entry and removal
• Absolute reproducibility of screening results
• No dust dispersion due to sealed construction
• Glass vessel for observation of process
• Easy maintenance
• Automatic lifting system for vessel lid
• Low noise level
• Noise parameters: EN ISO 3740



• Pump for pressure increase


Dimension (L x W x H)   180 x 95 x 90 cm

Weight                         150 kg