A 2000

Part Number: A 2000-BASU - Intrastat/HTS: 9024 8019

Detail :


The HITEC Luxembourg A 2000 is the commercial/industrial scale available solution to test according ASTM D1514, ISO 1437 as well as JIS K 6218-3

       This test method covers the determination of sieve residue after mechanical water flushing of for example regular untreated carbon blacks. It may not be applicable to oil-treated carbon blacks because the oil would prevent proper wetting of the black by water. The test set A 2000 is used worldwide mainly for carbons. Applications for inorganic pigments and fillers / extenders are also possible. Being a standard product, repeatability and reproducibility are better compared to self-built solutions.

Key features

• High-quality, reliable and durable technology
• Measurement ranges from 0.020 mm to 0.8 mm
• Simple handling
• Free flushing nozzle in the glass lid for funnel rinsing
• Handy sieves (diameter 50 mm, weight from 5 g) available with stainless steel or plastic ring
• Simplest sieve positioning and removal
• Absolute reproducibility of screening results
• No dust forming due to sealed construction
• Easy maintenance
• Space saving construction
• Low noise level


• Pump for pressure increase

Technical Data*

• Housing: stainless steel
• Analysis container: stainless steel
• Container cover/lid: glass
• Pressure reducing valve Brass, adjustable: 2 – 5 bar (standard setting water pressure 2 bar - adjusted acc. to ASTM)
• Flow rate indicator: 60 – 600 l/h
• Flow rate at nozzle: ~ 450 l/h
• General flow rate ~ 450 l/h
• Timer: 0-120 min
• Input: directly onto the sieve
• Outlet hopper with draining hose: stainless steel
• Noise characteristic values: EN ISO 3740
• Emitting value referring to: L pA eq = < 50 dB (A)

*All product, product specifications and data are subject to change without notice to improve reliability, function or design.

Sieves according to ISO 565 DIN 3310-1

       Sieves with a diameter of 50 mm with or without an impact tongue are used according to different test methods. These screens make the handling for the user very simple and allow the weighing by using standard analytical balances. The sieves are supplied either with plastic rings (Type A – Weight 5 g) or stainless steel rings (Type B– Weight 20 g). The sieve fabric is testing sieve fabric according to DIN 9044 ISO 4783. It is possible to obtain testing certificates (3.1 B according to DIN EN 10204 or factory certificates 2.2.)

Dimension (L x W x H)   40 x 38 x 60 cm
Weight                         13.4 kg